Baby’s Beach Inspire U Coastal Candle


12 oz Scented Candle.

Pineapple Express Inspire U Coastal Candle

Baby’s Beach

This indulging fragrance is true to its name. A lovely combination of ocean breeze and a fresh baby’s bottom. A complex fragrance that will take your senses to a tropical getaway, yet give you that classic aroma of sweet baby powder. Infused with natural essential oils including ylang ylang and patchouli. This refreshing year-round fragrance is loved by all.  


Top: Ozone, Jasmine

Middle: Violet, Honeydew Melon

Bottom: Oakmoss, Powder

Pineapple Express Inspire U Coastal Candle


Baby’s Beach Inspire U Coastal Candle

Our Inspire U candles are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality of each and every candle. Made with premium refined wax and blended fragrances, for a warm and heavenly inviting aroma.  Each canning jar is rope wrapped with a star seashell placed on top. We use a cute little flower to finish off the coastal decor. So whether you’re decorating your bathroom or living room in beach decor, our juicy candles make a great option. The Inspire U collection is about positive inspiring quotes, tropical scents, and beach decor coming together. Let us Inspire U!

This 12 oz candle will fill up a medium to large room with one of our lovely scents, giving over 70 hours of burn time!

Enjoy this unique candle to decorate your home, burn it for a relaxing evening, or just sniff to smile.


Have a beach themed wedding or event? Consider our candles for your tropical celebration. We can custom label our candles for wedding favors, and offer discounts for large orders. Please contact us directly before placing an order for your special occasion.

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