Coconut Wax Candles

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Beach Themed Decor


Size: 8.5 oz

Burn time: Over 45 hours

Our coconut wax candles are handmade from all natural premium coconut wax. Coconut wax is made from the meat of the coconut (organic, renewable, no pesticides) and they're some of the most environmentally friendly candles you'll find.

Why we love coconut wax?

  • It holds a lot of fragrance, which means coconut wax candles carry a great scent
  • Long burn time. You'll enjoy your candles longer due to a slower burn
  • Coconut wax is eco-friendly, sustainable, and obtained through an entirely natural process.
  • Coconut wax burns cleanly and has a nice creamy texture.
  • Our coconut wax is soy free, so you can enjoy soy free candles.

Some other great reasons to love coconut wax is that it's non-toxic, vegan, and completely safe to burn. Our coconut wax candles are highly scented with 100% phthalate-free fragrances and lead free wicks. We hand pour our candles in small batches for best quality and care.

All of our products are handmade to order, and handmade with love. Learn more about our scents on "Our Scents" page.

View our Safety & Candle Care page to learn how to care for your candle.


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